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I Had This Dream...
A 17 page zine featuring various dreams I've has throughout my life staring with the more pleasant and slight weird dreams and ending with my most memorable nightmares. 

The goal with this zine was to try as many formats and styles as I could while keeping on theme. I also found it fun to finally put my dreams into a visual medium. 
The Cat Eyed Cowboy
An experimental mini comic where I played around with page layouts and colors. 
The goal of this comic was to introduce my character Jammie Bojangles AKA The Cat Eyed Cowboy from an outsider perspective as well as playing around with panel layouts and a limited color palette. 
Lonely Star
Created during a darker time in my life, this 8 page mini comic follows a little star astronaut as they explored and reflect on their feeling of loneliness. 

Even though I've grown emotionally since creating this comic it still holds a special place in my heart. 
Spooky Town
A 16 page mini comic following Freddie as he accidentally drives into the mysterious and haunting Spooky Town. 

The comic's idea was created by my cousin and I during a long late night road trip, taking inspirations from podcasts like King Falls AM and Welcome to Night. 
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